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Today's digital customers want services that are immediate, highly personalised and can even anticipate their needs. We explore game-changing perspectives for business and people

Data and Trust
Services Reimagined

Data and trust

A new data protection regulation putting consumers back in control of their personal data will make relationships between individuals and organisations more controversial than ever

Tech Titans
Services Reimagined

How tech titans are disrupting banking

They don't want to become banks and don't need licences. Tech titans want to gather ever larger quantities of customer data

Pooling data sets
Services Reimagined

Discover the power of pooling data sets

Connecting customer data to transactional data provides huge scope for competition and innovation in an open banking world

Bud case study
Case study

Your concierge for financial products

Bud is a web and mobile-based app that lets users manage all their finances from a single interface

Fractal Labs case study
Case study

The automated finance assistant for small businesses

Fractal Labs' tool interprets users' data to identify blind spots, provide insights, connect business data and help businesses plan ahead

Funding options case study
Case study

A leading marketplace for business finance

Funding Options scans the market, working with other lenders, to find the business finance options to best suit the customers' needs

Paypal Working Capital customer story
Customer story

Emily's business made easy

Today's digital users wants services that are immediate, highly personalised and can even anticipate their needs

Inuit case study
Case study

Owning the data and technologies

Tech titans are focused on acquiring customer data and controlling the portals through which it flows

New ways to borrow customer story
Customer story

Stephane's cash-flow challenge

Customers seek the best experiences and will leave established platforms for those that offer them something better

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