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Customer story

Emily's business made easy

Today's digital users want services that are immediate, highly personalised and can even anticipate their needs

Experience is the key battleground in the new digital world – and the standards customers now expect from traditional financial services providers are being set by brands in retail, travel and social media.

Emily is 42 years old and a mum of three. She started an eBay business two years' ago as she was struggling to get back to work after taking time out to raise her family. Now she sells natural bath and skincare products on eBay. She's been battling with her ancient computer for a while and really needs a new one.

Assessing finances

Emily manages her accounting using QuickBooks Online. She has also connected QuickBooks to her PayPal merchant account, so her sales are automatically imported. She logs into QuickBooks and can see immediately that although she can afford to buy a laptop, she'll struggle to buy this month's stock.

Deciding on a computer

Emily knows she wants a Mac. She's heard they're more reliable and she also likes the idea of being able to easily edit her listing photos on it. She googles some reviews and ends up on the Techradar website where she decides she'd like a 15" Macbook pro. It's quite expensive so she takes a couple of weeks to consider the purchase.

Payment options

Emily decides she wants to buy the laptop. Because her cash-flow is a little low, she decides a loan may be a better idea. She remembers QuickBooks do business loans. She enters a few details and QuickBooks instantly offers a loan but the rate seems pretty high. She has a look at PayPal Working Capital. She likes the idea that the she can pick a repayment percentage and uses the calculator to estimate what her payments will be.

Loan application

Emily applies for the PayPal Working Capital loan. She logs into her merchant account and fills in the details, opting to pay back 20 per cent of her daily sales. Two minutes later, the application is approved and the money appears in her merchant account.

Tech companies may lure customers to interact solely within their own ecosystem. We are seeing examples of this already. Facebook enables us to send money to one another via Messenger rather than using the laborious bank-to-bank system, while Intuit users can apply for loans from within its applications

The collection of insightful analysis of customer data allows major tech companies to connect with customers on a personal level
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Matt Hopgood
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